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60 Seconds Focusing on Value:

"Top Pet Peeves"

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What are your top pet peeves? METRO NEW YORK asked New Yorker's theirs. Not surprising, a lot come from the subways. Tops: outsized backpacks both on elevators and subways. Next: spreading legs to take two seats. On the list: your bag gets a seat, but for your fare, you don't. Walking three abreast on sidewalks, ignoring "Excuse me." Dog leashes so long nearly tripping pedestrians. I know. I fell over one. A big peeve: stopping in middle of sidewalk or staircase chatting on cell. Still, from the subway: iPod volume so loud all can hear. And, a common annoyance: specials rattled off in restaurants, telling everything but the cost. How do you know if you're getting your money's worth?