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60 Seconds Focusing on Value:

"Holiday Host Gifts"

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Holiday invitations make you ask: What can I bring? WALL STREET JOURNAL wine gurus suggest proseco from Italy. It's a gentle, sparkling, all-purpose white wine, good with appetizers or dinner. Easy on the pocketbook. Under twenty bucks. Another value is Malbec from Argentina. Spicey red wine everybody loves, available for fifteen to twenty bucks, a winner for Getting Your Money's Worth. More value, go for a 2005 red Bordeaux from France. These wines have lost their trendiness and so are a great bargain. You can pick up any bottle for ten to fifteen bucks and impress your friends. When you hand your choice to your hostess, say "I heard about this wine from Judith West on 1010 WINS. I hope you enjoy.