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New York, NY – Aug. 17, 2009 – Judith West, Host, Getting Your Money’s Worth web-TV Show, is bringing 60 second tips focusing on value to 1010WINS AM radio on the weekends to reach commuters traveling to the beach now through Labor Day.

            Radio listeners will hear her comments on everything from “asking for discounts”; ”the government saving money” and “Warren Buffett’s market tips” to “solutions to common problems”. Spots will air Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during popular morning, afternoon and evening drive times.

            Ms. West has been giving valuable tips weekly in 60 second spots on 1010WINS for almost two years, currently at 12:29 a.m.. The CBS affiliate is number one in America in afternoon and evening drive time listeners.

            Her radio segments and TV shows can be accessed by visiting her website: Shows can also be seen on YouTube.

            The successful entrepreneur, whose own firm has clients such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios and NBC, draws from her vast experience in business and education, as well as from her distinguished guests for information she imparts on radio, TV and the internet.


Quogue entrepeneur Judith West goes global with message on getting your money's worth
The Southampton Press
By Vera Chinese
Mar 17, 09 2:40 PM

In a troubled economy, people tend to become increasingly concerned with getting the most bang for their buck. That’s where Judith West, producer and host of the television program “Getting Your Money’s Worth,” steps in. Ms. West’s program, which airs in Brooklyn and Manhattan on public access television, is about saving money and getting the most value in everything from education to health services—and, most important, life.

Top authors, business and philanthropic leaders are interviewed on Getting Your Money's Worth hosted by Judith West. These interviews are available 24/7 on - July 08, 2008

June 2008

          Judith West, President of Westco Inc. based in New York City, is taking her vast experience in business and education to the TV and radio airwaves in an effort to inform and inspire people to action. Having come from meager circumstances, West carved out a successful career in retail design and manufacturing before founding her own company. Her clients include Fortune 500 Companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, NBC and Caesar’s, Las Vegas.

          Two years ago, West shifted her entrepreneurial skills to the world of media. She has appeared as a guest on radio and TV shows across the country including New York City’s WOR 710, Bloomberg News and Channels 29, 30, 34 and 9.

          From this mingling with professionals in radio and television was born Judith’s own web-TV show, Getting Your Money’s Worth, available on the web 24/7 on her website,, and on a number of cable access stations as well as YouTube. Guests cut across all boundaries but viewers always “get their money’s worth”.

          West has added weekly sixty second spots on CBS’ 1010 WINS to her media repertoire. These spots, which Judith writes and delivers offer 1010 WINS listeners tips for getting added value out of life, air Wednesdays through Saturdays at 12:33 a.m. They are also available on iTunes.

          In addition to running Westco, and running Getting Your Money’s Worth television and radio, West serves on several education boards and foundations. She is committed to giving back to a country that has blessed her with the freedom and opportunity to pursue her dreams.