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Vol. 2, No. 15

February 25, 2010



New York, NY -- February 25, 2010 -- This week is officially "America Saves Week".  The good news is that more people are paying off credit card debt than last year.  The Federal Reserve's February 2010 report confirms that Americans have eliminated $101.2 billion in debt in the last year.

         BillShrink, an independent money saving site advises to watch for:

1.      ATM fees:  The ATM convenience fee could be $2 and the card-issuer bank could charge $2.50.  Result:  you could pay $4.50 for $20 of your own money.

2.      Credit card late fee:  Miss a minimum payment of $15 and get a late fee as high as $39.

3.      Cell phone plans:  Most of us overpay.  Who knows how many voice minutes, texts they actually use?  One suggestions:  Sign up for family plans -- a possible savings of hundreds.

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