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Vol. 2, No. 13

January 28, 2010



New York, NY -- January 28, 2010 -- We hear a lot these days about Gross National Product.  How about measuring your National Happiness.

         Yes, there's a Gallup Poll asking Americans, "Hey, how happy are you?"  Second question:  "In general, how satisfied are you with your life?"  The studies did control for differences such as income, age and marital status.

         Researchers found state specific characteristics determining happiness:  quick commutes, air quality, mountain views, access to beaches.

         For the record, survey results were reported in the WALL STREET JOURNAL: 

                                             Louisiana:  Happiest

                                             New York:  Least Happy


         I blogged about this on my website:



"WHEN I'M 64"


         Midnight on Jan. 1, America's first baby boomer turned 64.  I'm sure he thought:  "How am I going to spend the last quarter of my life?

         Will I enjoy good health, physically and mentally?  Will I be free from financial worries?"

         Marvin Tolkin in his book, When I'm 64, Planning for the Best of Your Life, writes about planning your life so you can control your own destiny.  Yes, listen to him on Getting Your Money's Worth.  Even in adversity lies opportunity.  Tolkin doesn't preach about retirement.  He tells stories rich in wisdom.  He is living proof of his experience.





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