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Vol. 2, No. 11

November 11, 2009





New York, NY -- November 11, 2009 -- Many of you know that I've been an advocate of education reform even before Getting Your Money's Worth.  In fact, my show, GYMW, was an outcome of my advocacy position on education equality.

            The label of "education reform" is close to twenty-five years old.  Yet, we are still talking about education reform.  But there are pockets of real progress.

         An outstanding one is Wildcat Academy -- a school that lives up to its name!  Webster's and Wikipedia define "wildcat" as someone who drills (for oil) where others haven't with the expectation of striking it rich.

         Well, Ron Tabano, founder and principal, has "struck it rich".  His student population is high, at-risk urban teens -- suspended, truant, even in trouble with the law -- fragmented homes common -- but to walk the halls is to view a miracle.  Students wear their pants around their waists, they are hatless, they are friendly and courteous.  Walls are covered with art, poetry, essays.  To look in a classroom is to see order.

         Students graduate and go on to education or a job.  Curriculum consists of work/study (50/50) and meets New York State standards.

         How does Wildcat Academy accomplish what so many others can't?

         Let Ron Tabano tell you on Getting Your Money's Worth:




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