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"Getting Your Money's Worth" with Judith West

Ava Seavey
A little planning can go a long way in making your garage/stoop sale profitable. Ava Seavey, author, AVA'S GUIDE TO GARAGE SALE GOLD, uses her former techniques in advertising and marketing skills for flea markets. Does the mania for on-line buying on such sites as E-Bay diminish the attraction of garage sales? Seavey finds these sites enhance the passion for flea markets and people enjoy the human interaction. She suggests sellers can make more on items in person and receive cash quicker. Some tips: "wear your cash" using an apron like holder for your money; presentation is important--a piece of jewelry looks better on a piece of black velvet rather than lying on a table. Seavey shares much more with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
Themes: Entrepreneurs, Finance, Business

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