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"Getting Your Money's Worth" with Judith West

Montgomery Frazier
 - "The Image Guru", MODMagazineOnline Fashion Director; HonestlyNow-FAB50 Pro
Your "image" is what you present to the public. It's your "brand", the total package. Why is it important? We live in a beauty perfect society, at least that's what the media portrays. So "putting your best foot forward" can only enhance your life and perhaps even help you get a job. Montgomery Frazier, the Image Guru, helps clients maximize their potential. He's one-part publicist, one-part marketer, one-part manager and one-part life stylist. And his expertise is being shared at no cost on a new website: Honestly Now? A community of experts including Frazier are available for your questions such as "Is this skirt too short?" "Do you think I need botox?" or "Is it ever appropriate to walk out on someone during a dinner date?" Whatever your question, it will be answered honestly without bias by the appropriate expert. Or you can ask your friends. Just sign up: www.honetlynow.com/p/881. Frazier discusses the importance of image with Judith West on Getting Your Money's Worth.
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