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"Getting Your Money's Worth" with Judith West

Larry Swedroe
 - Principal, Director of Research, Buckingham Asset Management, LLC
"When you have enough, stop playing the game -- don't try to get more," advises financial guru Larry Swedroe. Principal and director of research, Buckingham Asset Management, Swedroe says 401K is not a financial plan. A plan lays out your ability, your willingness and need to take risks to define your financial goal. Best advice: start young, devise a plan and be diversified in your investments. "A good advisor keeps you disciplined." His advice for older folks who haven't planned for retirement or lost their savings? Worst thing is to do nothing. Create a new plan and don't convert desires into needs. Important things in life are either free or cheap. Swedroe gives more tips on Getting Your Money's Worth with Judith West.
Themes: Finance, Retirement, Money Tips

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