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"Forty-Seven Percent of Americans Pay No Income Tax"
April 15th found me at the Post Office, grumpily mailing my tax return. So a message from Henry in the WALL STREET JOURNAL caught my eye. Henry, by definition, is a "high earner, not rich yet". Henry describes himself like this: -- In the 32 percent federal, 10 percent state income tax. -- Pays a one and a half percent property tax on inflated bracket value of his house. -- Pays the alternative minimum tax. -- Self employed and pays a payroll tax. -- Pays investment tax on any savings or retirement funds; by the way, money on which he's already paid as income tax. He worked as a kid -- lawns, shoveled snow, delivered papers. Went to college on loans, working nights to pay back the loans. Now, twenty years later, Henry has a new car. -- Lives in a good neighborhood. -- Has retirement savings. Henry feels that maybe he does have much more than others, but he also worked harder -- building his business 60 to 70 hours weekly. He's asking: Why does the government feel entitled to take his money and give it to others? He's a believer in personal responsibility. Henry is not a believer of equal outcomes regardless of effort. He is a believer of the American dream -- the opportunity to work and get ahead. Really trying Henry's patience is the news that 47 percent of Americans pay no income tax. Henry's tired of being the mule.

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