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"Who Saw Wall Street Debacle in Advance"
We're told that our economy is in a slow recovery. I guess that's akin to being off "life support". But lots of us are still angry. Angry that all the people in finance and government that should have been watching, didn't. No one watched out for John or Jane Citizen. But we are told in a book out by Michael Lewis about a small group of folks who did see what was happening. Among them was a twenty-two year old Harvard student who left Julliard to study economics at Harvard. After interning during her junior and senior years at an investment bank, she wrote her thesis on mortgage securities. She discovered what everyone else chose not to see: in no way could those undocumented, no money down loans be repaid. All that purposefully "complicated financial paper had as it's foundation loans that would never be paid back. This young woman graduated Summa Cum Laude with an "A" in economics. She now works as a financial analyst. When asked, "Why?" She answered: how will Wall Street ever change, if the people that work there don't change.

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